Health & Safety Rules

Grip ‘N limb has a successful and well-monitored security system, safety is our first priority, and our well trained staff makes Grip ‘N Climb a safe place.
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Safety is everyone's responsibility!

Minimum Height is 120cm and Maximum weight is 100 KG.

Wear Comfortable Clothes and shoes so you can move around easily. Skirts, dresses and flip flops are not allowed.

People with medical problems that can be aggravated by playing any game should not play those games.

The pockets must be empty. No mobile phones, cameras or objects that can fall while playing.

You need to follow the instructor's instructions and listen carefully before you start.

Be sure to wear your helmet all the time to be safe.

Never move before making sure to tighten your harness very well.

Always be alert and listen closely to your instructor.

On the wall use both hands and both legs to Climb the wall.

Food, beverages and chewing gum are not permitted.

If you wear glasses or contact lenses, be careful when playing.

Do not leave the group so you can enjoy the games.

It is not allowed to run, jump or fall on purpose.